Beef Marrow Bones Grass-Fed Grass-Finished – 4-6lb


4-6lb per bag

Marrow bones are a culinary term for either the femur, shank or tibia bone of a cow that is cut for eating. The smaller the bone, the less marrow. Bone marrow is the soft spongy light yellow colored material found in the hollow central core of the marrow none ‘pipe’. The pipe is the butcher’s term for term for the straight section of the bone where marrow is most plentiful and the bone at its thinnest.  Grass fed beef bones are extremely nutritious and have numerous health benefits.

Coming from Keene, Ontario, Harley Farms raises their livestock grass fed and finished, humane & natural, 100% GMO free, free range, sustainable and environmentally friendly. SPCA Certified & Animal Welfare approved

Due to the nature of this product the packaging is not vacuum packed 

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