The A Cut Above Meats Grass-Finished Box


    The A Cut Above Meats Grass Finished Box

    The beef in our A Cut Above Meats Grass-Finished Beef box are truly some a cut above meats. Locally sourced from Canada, in particularly from Keene, Ontario from our grass-finished beef supplier. Grass-fed, and grass-finished and aged for tenderness. This box gives you a lot of value and is a great combination of ground beef and delicious rib-eye steaks.

    Try out this great selection for yourself of perhaps gift it as a present to a loved one.
    Inside the A Cut Above Meats Grass-Finished Beef Box:

    10 x 1 lbs. Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Ground Beef

    8 x 10-ounce Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Rib Eye steaks

    Coming from Keene, Ontario, Harley farms raises their livestock grass fed and finished, humane & natural, 100% GMO free, free range, sustainable and environmentally friendly. SPCA Certified & Animal Welfare approved

    No subscription required for this meat box

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