Our Beef

Our family farmers and ranchers dedicate their lives to something bigger, and deeper, than pristine landscapes, green acres and contented cows. They choose to raise the very best beef, naturally. This daily commitment isn’t idealistic – it’s the ideal for natural beef. Unwavering passion runs deep in these families building their legacy for the next generation. It’s apparent in the superior beef they raise without the use of antibiotics or additional hormones, and by only feeding a vegetarian diet.

It’s this care-taking, this simple commitment, which not only sustains their family, but also delivers the exceptional beef you love, naturally, to your table. Systems are in place to ensure beef quality and production claims and must meet our quality standards.

We offer the following beef categories:

Raised without the use of antibiotics
Never given additional hormones
Never fed anything but a 100% vegetarian diet
Traceable to place of birth

AAA Beef

Our AAA comes 95% from the Black Angus breed and meets the Certified Angus Beef standards. Angus is everywhere these days. Over the last couple of decades it’s even become a bit of a buzzword. It’s true. Angus beef is good. But the Certified Angus Beef ® brand? It’s on an entirely different level. It defines the standard by which all beef is measured. No shortcuts and with a virtual obsession with flavor and juiciness. The Certified Angus Beef brand is selected from the best of Canada AAA. The beef must pass 10 quality standards to earn the brand’s premium name, and only 1 in 4 Angus cattle qualifies.

Raised without the use of antibiotics
Never added hormones
Certified Organic by Pro-Cert
Always Free-Range
No herbicides or pesticides

Certified Organic Beef – Gallery on the Farm

Gallery on the Farm: One of our concerns is the increase in the use of herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, hormone growth implants in animals and feeding cattle with grain-based diets containing antibiotics. The other topic of concern that is discussed around our family table is the fact that many of the small family farms are disappearing and being replaced by so called “agri-businesses” which are factory type operations. These trends are supported by the companies who manufacture the products and who in turn benefit financially.
Organic agriculture will help to leave the next generation a path of ecological foot prints to follow, restore the natural fertility of the soil and improve water quality to make their walk a safer one.

Certified Organic by Pro-Cert

Pro-Cert is accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to provide third party certification to the Canada Organic Regime (COR) and its equivalency arrangements.

COR certification is required by any operator (within or outside of Canada) who wishes to produce, process, package or label a product for human or livestock consumption with an organic claim, and place it for sale in Canada. For more info about organic certification please visit:


Raised without the use of antibiotics
Never added hormones
Certified by SPCA
Always Free-Range
Grass Fed
Grass Finished

Grass Fed & Grass Finished Beef – Harley Farms

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that Harley Farms has been following for many years. It increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances the ecosystem. They have spent years developing rotations, using livestock and cropping to accomplish these goals

Harley Farms main livestock rotation consists of pigs, cattle and sheep. The livestock are grazed on grassland and fed in conjunction with the various crops rotated around the farms. These crops consist of sorghum, red & white clover, oats & peas, and hay & pasture mixes. They have to continuously move their livestock, so they are not over grazing. This way of farming increases the earths soil health. With a carefully mapped out rotation of our animals and crops we are naturally fertilizing our soils. Restoring a healthy and enriched soil to grow our crops and grass lands for grazing.

SPCA Certified

Harley Farms has the highest standards when it comes to animal welfare and is SPCA Certified. For more info about SPCA certification: https://ontariospca.ca/who-we-are/

Our Chicken

Our chicken farm is located out of Orangeville Ontario and is a family run operation in which the chickens are free-range. Our breeds are White Rock, broiler cockerels and pullets which are raised without antibiotics and the feed consists of vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics and vegetable grains. No growth proponents are added to the feed or water.

Our chicken is 100% air chilled. They are individually hung and passed through a series of refrigerated chambers over a period of several hours, which cools them down slowly and on an independent basis.

Air-chilled chicken features a crispier skin after cooking. With no added water in the bird to pay for, the chickens cook more quickly and yield higher amounts of meat. This method creates far less water waste, and the individually chilling process inhibits the spread of bacteria from raw chicken.

100% air chilled
No added water

Our Pork

Raised without the use of antibiotics
No added hormones (including ractopamine)
Generous marbling
Grain fed
No animal by-products

We are proud to exclusively offer Verified Canadian Pork that is both traditionally raised and minimally processed.

From the beginning, our hogs are bred to provide excellent quality. They are fed a complete vegetarian diet free from animal by-products, which includes a number of locally grown grains such as, barley, wheat, corn, rye and canola. Our hogs are also raised without the use of antibiotics and are free from added hormones. This commitment to quality results in a generously marbled product that always offers a superior eating experience.

Papa Earth Pork adheres to Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA), which is an on-farm quality and safety assurance program. As a result, we have adopted the best raising, processing and transporting practices to ensure both animal care and food safety.

Our Bison

Our bison farm, Thunder Ridge Bison Co, is located just outside of Uxbridge Ontario and perfectly suited to Bison farming, allowing them to graze and breed naturally and sustainable. A truly local product and native to our country. They live as naturally as they would if they lived in the wild and breed and birth without any human assistance or interaction. They are fed pasture grasses and are raised naturally without the use of growth hormones, stimulants, antibiotics or animal by-products.

With an ever-growing herd of Bison roaming the Oak Ridges Moraine, our farm has established itself with natural feeding and breeding practices that are perfect for that habits of the Plains Bison. As a result, our Bison are happy and healthy, and the herd grows in number every year. It’s a farm that successfully made the shift to raising Bison and became sustainable by reducing its consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels, preventing soil erosion and eliminating the need for chemical pesticides associated with grain-based agriculture.

Our bison is available in burgers, ground, sausages, stew and steaks. Bison is an excellent source of iron, zinc, selenium and protein. Being almost a quarter of the fat of most beef cuts, lower in cholesterol and calories and higher in iron and protein, bison is a perfect addition to the health-conscious consumer.

Raised without the use of antibiotics
Never added hormones
Grass Fed
Always Free Range
Raised sustainable

Our Fish

Wild Caught
Never raised in a fish farm
Individually vacuum packed
Flash frozen

We strive for the cleanest and highest quality of fish. Our current fish selection is 100% wild caught. We have wild caught Pacific Sockeye Salmon and wild caught Atlantic Haddock in our selection and you can expect from Papa Earth to steadily increase the selection as we grow. All of our fish is individually vacuum sealed and individually flash frozen in order to maintain the freshness and quality for you as a consumer.

Our Lamb

Our lamb is sourced from multiple small farms mainly located around Sunderland Ontario and Aurora Ontario. They are raised free range and grass fed. Because of the local production this will give the lamb it’s unique Ontario flavour which is significantly better (in our opinion) compared to New Zealand lamb. We currently offer lamb chops, shank and lamb spidducci.

Ontario Raised
No added hormones
Individually vacuum packed
Flash frozen


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