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“The Carnivore Diet” by Shawn Baker – A Papa Earth review


Shawn Baker

Shawn Baker has spoken all over the world and helped people lose weight, tone their bodies and effectively heal themselves of food sensitivities, allergies, ailments and diseases. He himself is a medical doctor and specimen of a human with a godlike physique. Clinically proven to be in great health, he passes on his secrets. In November 2019, Baker released a book on his methods and philosophies called The Carnivore Diet.

The Carnivore Diet; an all meat diet

This, for sure, is a book whose contents you can guess at from the title. Shawn Baker is an advocate for and beneficiary of an all-meat diet. Seriously, it is eating at its simplest and there is no guesswork as to whether or not something fits. If it is meat, you eat – *cue Papa Earth subscription*. We have shipped a box last year to Shawn and he truly enjoyed our premium Ontario beef and bison. He used his OttowildeGriller to prepare the steaks we sent with our steak delivery service.

Nutritional and Evolutionary Science

The book covers the exclusive diet and explains how it essentially hacks evolutionary and nutritional science to deliver great results. There are many examples of success in a variety of cases and Baker does an excellent job at breaking down why it worked for them and addressing perceived pitfalls. He also is helpful when describing how to integrate a carnivore diet in to your lifestyle so that it is a sustainable way of eating that you can enjoy and reap the benefits of over long spans of time.

Carnivore VS Vegan and Plant-Based Theories

We found that you could feel Baker’s personality, wit and trust in the system throughout the book and appreciated the personal touches. He discusses his own journey to becoming a carnivore and is transparent about which types of health issues could be resolved with this type of diet. He challenges vegan and plant-based theories, which could easily be seen as the carnivore opposites, with factual information without discrediting that it could be the saviour diet for other people.

The Carnivore Diet and Papa Earth

At Papa Earth we will not advise you on what to eat but do appreciate Shawn’s book for its information and honesty. It’s clear why we, an online meat company, could get behind a diet like this but we must recommend that you follow the advice of your own trusted healthcare practitioners before and during trying a diet like this just to make sure that you’re transitioning safely with no negative impacts to your health.

If you’re interested in reading the Carnivore Diet, we sell it on our online meat store. We also give it away for free with any purchase of and over $259. Just use code ‘carnivorediet’ at checkout and we’ll make sure to add it to your box.

Eat well!