Grass Fed Beef Delivery Box – Large Mixed


    Grass Fed & Grass Finished – all vacuum sealed 

    8 x 1 lb.  grass-fed grass-finished Ground Beef

    4 x 8 oz. grass-fed grass-finished Beef Stir Fry

    8 x 13-14 oz. grass-fed grass-finished Prime Rib Steak



    From Keene, ON, Harley Farms continuously moves their livestock, so they are not over grazing. Their cattle is pasture raised, grass-fed and grass-finished.  This way of farming increases the earths soil health. With a carefully mapped out rotation of our animals and crops we are naturally fertilizing our soils. Restoring a healthy and enriched soil to grow our crops and grass lands for grazing.

    SPCA Certified

    Harley Farms has the highest standards when it comes to animal welfare and is SPCA Certified: