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6 Tips on Finding the Best Meat Delivery Service in Canada

Online shopping and delivery services have become more popular during the pandemic. You can buy almost anything online and have it delivered right to your doorstep. You can order everything from furniture, appliances, groceries, and even fresh meat and seafood.

It’s understandable to have some concerns when ordering fresh products online and having them delivered, especially for meat products. You want to ensure the freshness and quality of the meat you buy. This is why it’s important to ensure that you order only from a trusted and reputable farm or company.

How to Find the Best Meat Delivery Service in Canada

With so many options popping up on social media and traditional advertisements, it’s good to know the basics of choosing the best service that will suit your needs and budget. Here are some top tips for finding a reliable delivery service for all your fresh meat needs:

  • Offers a variety of selections. Not all meat delivery services are created equal. Some may not provide the same selection of meat – especially if you want grass-fed beef or free-range poultry. Thus, it’s best to find a place that offers a wide variety of meat products. You also pay shipping fees only once when you order all your meat and seafood products from one place.
  • Offers locally sourced meat cuts. An excellent meat delivery service offers carefully sourced products. Look for one that source their products from farmers and butchers in your area. This way, you’d be sure to get quality meat while helping small-scale farmers.
  • Offers sustainable products. With growing concerns over the environment, it is good to look for a meat delivery service that follows a sustainable business approach. Find a company that provides clear information on how their sources raise their livestock. This should be done in a manner that is good for both the animals and the environment.
  • There is no waiting list. With huge demand, some meat delivery companies waitlist customers because of depleted sources. Those that depend on factory-farmed meat are most likely to be affected when there’s a decline in production in industrial meat facilities.
  • Cares about food safety. A good meat delivery company cares about the safety of every product they send to customers. Since meat and seafood products are perishable, these must be handled carefully. During warm weather, meat goes bad quickly. Look for a company that has established measures to ensure your orders are kept fresh while in transit.
  • Great customer service. Since you are buying products without seeing them physically, you need to be able to talk to someone in case there’s an issue with your orders once delivered. It is also helpful to be able to talk to an expert who can answer all your questions even before you place your order. Hence, a good meat delivery service should have reliable customer service.

The Bottom Line

At Papa Earth, we offer a convenient and great way of shopping for local and organic meats. All our products are personally tested to ensure that they are clean, free from food dyes, and have no preservatives. Our suppliers are local Ontario farmers and certified sustainable and environmentally friendly.