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How to order Papa Earth; How you can order from Canada’s best meat delivery service

We sometimes get the question: ‘What is the best way to order from you?’
We answer: ‘That all depends on what you need’.

We always source LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, FREE RANGE, DRUG FREE AND DELICIOUS meat and WILD CAUGHT, SUSTAINABLE fish and seafood. The quality and promise is the same at all levels of purchase so you never need to worry about missing out on the good stuff like Ontario lamb, goat and duck.

Subscription Boxes

Our most popular option are our subscription boxes.

This option is ideal if you:

  • don’t have a large freezer to fill up with a bulk order;
  • like the flexibility of changing up your orders;
  • would like to just give the service and meat a try or;
  • want to sample a variety of meats before setting up a consistent self-curated recurring order.

Depending on things like family size, meat consumption, how often you’d like to receive deliveries you can choose from one of three sizes – a small ($135), Medium ($259) and Large ($518). Simply pick a box size and select your preferred delivery frequency (bi-weekly, every 3 weeks, monthly or every 6 weeks). You can then fill your box to your liking. Each item has a coin value and you fill your box up to the coin value set for each size. Once full, you can build another box or go to the checkout to review your order.

Just want to order one time or switch your lobster tails for Arctic char or grass-fed bison? Not a problem – we don’t charge any start-up, modification or cancellation fees. Want to change your frequency, size or selections in between delivery? You have the freedom to manage your subscription from your ‘my account’ section on our portal. Papa Earth is considered the best Butcher Box in Canada.

*Note there is a delivery fee on subscription boxes outside of Ontario and Quebec.

Curated Boxes (Gift Boxes)

 This is a great option if you:

  • are looking to surprise a friend, family member or special someone;
  • want to just treat yourself without thinking too much;
  • do not want to subscribe to the service or;
  • aren’t sure what to choose.

Our curated boxes make unique and thoughtful gifts. They gather some of the best meat and fish options all in a box, no subscription required. There are more than ten boxes to choose from including Steak Lovers, Surf N’ Turf and Seafood boxes.

Best of all, our curated boxes are promotional features that go on sale frequently so keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date about Papa Earth to in the know on these deals.

*Note there is a delivery fee on curated boxes outside of Ontario and Quebec.

Gift Cards

 This is the ideal option to let someone choose what they’d want in a box.

 Food is the way to many hearts so why not show you care with a gift card of delicious value and order a Papa Earth Gift Card.

When purchasing, make sure to add a personal message and we will email them directly. The email includes their gift card and promotional code redeemable for the amount of your purchase. You can pick from a $135, $259 or a $518 card.

Prefer to gift a specific amount? Simply email us at and we will arrange it with you. These gift cards are gaining popularity as corporate gifts because not only is it a gift that fills tummies for a few meals but the recipient can pick exactly what they want so no gifts go to waste!

*Note there is a delivery fee on orders outside of Ontario and Quebec.

Bulk Meat Orders

 This is the ideal option if you:

  • want to stock up on meat;
  • save money;
  • fill your freezer with the highest quality of meat and seafood;
  • save with a friend or;
  • need a ton of meat for an event like a big barbecue

Just like our subscription boxes, you are in control of what will go in your order but no subscription required. Unlike some sites, our prices per item are clearly listed so that you can compare the value to other bulk providers.  We are proud to be the top-rated company in Canada for service and price in the bulk meat and seafood order providers.

Though we can only deliver the bulk orders to a single address, this could be an interesting option if you wanted to save money by ordering big and have a friend who wants too. With scheduled deliveries, we make it possible to deliver on a day your friend can stop by to collect their share.

*Note: The delivery fee for bulk orders is waived for orders over $1,250 and delivery is limited to Ontario and Quebec.

Corporate Gifts

 Don’t know how to thank or treat your customers and personnel? Set yourself apart from the pens-and-mug-giving crowd and serve up some Argentine shrimp, scallops or lamb instead.

Whether it’s a curated gift box, a gift card or even a bulk order delivered to your company for a big staff or client barbecue Papa Earth will make it happen.

We can deliver custom made gift cards with your logo and text on it, ship boxes individually and right to everyone’s homes and, customize your boxes with any meat or seafood from our product list. What’s great is that not only your customers and staff will be well fed, you’re also supporting our local farmers, local economy and sustainable fisherman by gifting a Papa Earth. Get in touch with one of our assistants and email to get started and inquire about our corporate rates!

Just to name some of our products:

Grass-Fed Beef, AAA Graded Beef, Drug-Free Pork, Pasture Raised Chicken, Grass-Fed Bison, Ontario Lamb, Ontario Goat, Ontario Duck, Wild Caught Salmon, Scallops, Haddock, Halibut, Tuna, Arctic Char, Arctic Turbot, Argentine Shrimp and Lobster Tails.


Promotions and discounts

In order to get the best deals, make sure to subscribe to Papa Earth’s newsletter. We routinely have unique offers, deals and coupons that offer great discounts and free products. For first time customers we offer 10% off any order with code FIRST10. Try us out, and taste the difference!