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Why order meat online? 10 reason why to buy meat online.

Still buying meat from your local grocery store? On the fence about switching to a bulk meat order or a butcher box subscription with regular delivery of of meats and fish? Worried about the quality? The price? The taste?

The list below will give you some of the top reasons to purchase meat online, especially from reputable companies. That’s where Papa Earth comes in!

In no particular order:

1. Supporting local farmers (and the environment)

Papa Earth, for example, only sources local meats and wild-caught seafood. Our farmers are compensated fairly and above market prices in return for their effort. The products we share with you are from sources committed to free-range farming, sustainable cultivation practices and high animal welfare standards. Admittedly driving to the countryside to pick up meat from your local farmer is a lot of fun, but not everyone has the time, resources and connections to make this reality. Meat delivery with a Papa Earth meat box subscription makes it happen and does the work of finding the best products for you.

2. The meat and fish selections are more varied

With access to the world at your fingertips it only makes sense that things you wouldn’t be able to find all in one location, you can find online. Online meat retailers often have cuts, products and quantities you won’t be able to find in stores or that you would have to make several stops to collect. Plus, if there’s something you’re looking for that you don’t see on the website, often it’s as easy as contacting the company directly to see if they can get it for you. Papa Earth, for example, has a network of trusted farmers, ranchers and fisherfolk they can reach out to get you what your heart desires.

3. Sourcing information is available

Knowing where your food comes from is important. It’s unlikely that you know where your store-bought meat comes from or would be able to trace it right back to the slaughter date and exact farm it was raised on. Some benefits of knowing where your food comes from are: being able to question the food your food eats; hold farmers and fishers accountable for sustainable and ethical practices; avoiding mystery meat; the meat company being able to notify a supplier directly of the uncommon bad herd of meat; understanding why meats, eggs and fish are certain colours and textures and; appreciating the work that goes in to having a given meat appear in your meal. There’s probably lots of validity in the idea of knowing where things truly come from giving way to more appreciation and respect. This might amount to less waste.

4. Less time doing, no line ups

The point above was a great segue into another one of the benefits of a one-stop meat shop. You’ll spend considerably less time shopping if you buy in bulk or have meat delivered and timed to when you’d run out. You also save on the time you spend getting to a butcher or store, the sometimes long  lines and various stops. What can beat something that comes right to your door, fresh, when you want it? One Papa Earth customer wants you to be forewarned that “you’ll never go back to grocery store meat”. See #5 for why!

5. Better quality and taste

Listen – if you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: you are what you eat. The same goes for animals. Papa Earth meats come from animals that have avoided feedlots, antibiotics, and inactivity. To get buttery rich steaks and tender meats, it’s all a labour of love. From animal lifestyles to their feed and overall health, the love and care that goes into raising the animal really shows itself in the quality of the food. You’ll notice meats in colours they should be, like pinker chicken than the white washed store-bought, air sealed and preserved varieties and salmons in their bright hues without all the fatty white lines and water. Don’t take our word for it though, we’ll let our pork chops do the talking!

6. Neat and efficient vacuum-sealed packaging

Did you really think that responsible meat companies would go through the trouble of ensuring all that effort in raising the animals just to throw them in any old packaging? Absolutely not. We don’t want this meat to spoil and go to waste any more than you do so we do what we can to ensure that it will last as long as possible in your freezer. This is especially important for those that will be buying in bulk because sometimes the meat will be expected to last months in your freezer without succumbing to freezer burn. Papa Earth products are vacuum packed nice and tight and then flash frozen, meaning frozen quickly at very cold temperatures almost as soon as the animal is butchered. This locks in the freshness and reduces the amount of water traditional freezing methods allow to build up within the meat. When you cook meats that have higher water contents they tend to shrink and shrivel during cooking. The vacuum pack allows you to safely defrost meat in its original packaging in water, which is the optimal way to do so.

7. Inspiring recipes to try new food

With a Papa Earth online meat subscription comes free access to inspiring recipes. Our recipe blog features delectable dishes from professional chefs and sent-in recipes from our beloved customers. You might become the next chef or post we share on our social media sites once you start getting imaginative with our meats. If you have a favourite recipe to share, make sure to send it in (including pictures) and we’ll be happy to put it up and give you a shout out.

8. Supporting local businesses

Apart from supporting our local farmers, you support a lot of other local businesses when you buy Papa Earth. We make it a practice to work with smaller, local family businesses rather than big chains. Think about the packaging; like the recyclable boxes, the dry ice used for temperature control and the delivery and carriers who deliver the boxes to your door. They are all sourced from Canadian companies and supporting actual families and everyday, hard-working people. (Only for more remote areas do we have to opt for the bigger carriers.) And did we mention our graphic designers, programmers and marketing team? All local here in Canada!

9. Less impulse buying

When you shop for meat and fish online, you specifically shop for those items. Grocery stores have tons of ‘tricks’ to make you buy more. We all know the candy and chewing gum at checkout are specifically placed there to create an impulse purchase.

10. Buying online can save a lot of money

Buying from online meat retailers like Papa Earth can save a ton of money. The subscription boxes are priced comparable to high end grocery stores. The meat is not necessarily cheaper but you’ll save yourself time, gas and parking.  When we’re talking bulk meat orders, this is where the big savings kick in. Online retailers like Papa Earth don’t have to pay for high priced real estate location where you find most grocery stores. With buying bulk you will get the best quality meat and fish for bottom prices.

If we haven’t yet convinced you to try online meat services, we don’t know what else to tell you other than you’re missing out. You can direct any questions or hesitations to and we’ll be happy to help you out! Happy clicking!

Papa Earth is available Canada wide with free delivery in Ontario and Quebec.

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