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Steak Delivery: What is the best steak?

The Papa Earth answer – they’re all tied for first! Really though, any steak can take the crown, it just depends on what you like and prefer your meat. Feel free to try them all and get back to us. For now, the list below will help guide you on the grill. For the purposes of your research, assume that all cuts are of the top quality. Whether you’re on the carnivore diet, paleo diet, ketogenic diet or simply just love steaks, this article is for you.


This cut is arguably the king. When perfect, it is tender, marbled, big on flavour and nice on the eyes. When it has that beautiful bone in that props it up on the plate, its call a rib steak and it make or break any person’s reputation as a BBQ pit master. Once you’ve got your cook down right and your seasonings perfected, a ribeye steak is beefy, juicy and best done grilled or broiled.

Striploin (New York strip, shell steak, club steak)

In our opinion, this really could tie for first. A blue or rare meat eater would give this cut its two thumbs up most-likely. It has a lot of natural punch that takes really well to different flavour profiles. When cooked more than rare it can lose some of its tenderness but pop more in flavour. It is the perfect grill steak and we’ve tried it in an air fryer. It turned out well.

Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)

You’ll hear this one thrown around at fancy restaurants and by posh-sounding people. It’s the softest and most expensive cut of beef. That’s because the particular muscle it comes from barely does any work that would toughen it up. The ultimate tenderness might make up for the lack of flavour of this cut but if you dress it up and know how to cook her, a tenderloin is an excellent choice. Careful when cooking… the low fat content makes a tenderloin dry up quickly if it’s overcooked.

Eye of Round

Okay, these get overlooked a lot but hear us out. This is the king of versatility if you figure out what you’re doing and a great cut for low fat diets. It is round and boneless, tasty and great many ways. A lot of recommendations say to use this cut in thin slices for sandwiches, stir-fries, for braising, pressure cooking… you name it. Look up recipes for eye of rounds and you’ll have a new favourite recipe for every day of the week. For beginners, we recommend the recipe route just because eye of round can become chewy without some guidance the first few times.


This is the cut that probably comes to mind if you were a cartoon watcher. The nice big piece with a t-shaped bone through the middle. Some would give the T-bone steak the top prize because it’s size and dominance on the plate give it center stage. They are great pan fried with butter, broiled or grilled. Cast iron skillet cooking on high heat or oven finishing can gives that extra tasty steakhouse finish and sizzle.

The T-bone is at a cross section of two muscles so one part cooks quicker than the other. Make sure to keep an eye on your steak to cook both sides to perfection.

Prime Rib Steak

Sorry to say this again but rime rib steaks could also be the winner. It is flavourful and tender. Some say that because of where it comes from on the cow (the rib, course) that it is a ribeye steak. We don’t disagree but see a slight difference as the prime rib is the roast and ribeyes are cut from prime rib. Prime rib steaks will still have the bone in and are larger than ribeye steaks. They taste superb cooked in their own juices and melted fats and they have more of both than the ribeyes. Because of the fatty content to cook in, you can be more experimental with the cooking of prime rib steaks and season it to your heart’s delight.

Top Sirloin (Sirloin)

Top sirloin is pretty easy to overcook because they are relatively lean, which means not much fat to melt and give off juices when cooking. To make a favourite out of them consider marinating sirloin overnight to make it more tender and juicier then cube it with vegetables on a skewer for delicious kabobs on the grill.

Flat iron (Featherblade)

Flat iron steaks are cut lengthwise, whereas most cuts go through bone and are cut crosswise. They typically have more marbling than other cuts and it doesn’t have a seam of gristle. This means that it cooks quickly. Flat iron stacks are great medium rare because of how the beef’s juices will flow out from their special cut.

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