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Recyclable Packaging

If you’re a Papa Earth customer within the GTA you may have noticed that in April 2020 we switched from reusable plastic liners to paper-based packaging. As health and safety precautions suggest amidst the current pandemic, the reusable shipping materials might not be as safe as their disposable versions and we were sure our customers would appreciate that we were mindful in the handling of their food products. The outsourcing of most of our deliveries to contract companies is another 2020 change for Papa Earth and many delivery businesses have shifted swell and do not pick up reusable plastic liners.

100% Curbside Recyclable Insulated Packaging

Our new packaging named the ‘TempGuard’ is 100% curbside recyclable and so is the outside corrugated box. Using a recyclable paper liner, TempGuard keeps foods cool effectively for up to 48 hours. The heavy-duty 30# Kraft paper construction allows TempGuard to be 100% curbside recyclable, making it a viable and economic alternative.

The only part which is not recyclable is the plastic bag in which we use to prevent the box from getting wet. It also makes it easier to take the products out of the box. You can use this bag as a regular garbage bag, if you want to extend the lifecycle of the bag before committing it to trash. Previously we used compostable bags but after testing these bags in our own compost we noticed that months later the bags had not broken down as anticipated.

Aside from the Tempguard we now also use a new type of liner, one that is made from paper and recycled pop bottles. The pop bottles are processed into a pulp which is very lightweight and insulates the box temperature for up to 48 hours.

Same day and 24-hour delivery windows

Nothing beats fast delivery when it comes to frozen meat and fish. No matter how well you package it, time is of the essence when it comes to keeping it frozen. In the last few months Papa Earth went through a big growth spurt. With COVID-19 rampaging through the world, ordering food online saw a major global increase. Understandably, all major mail and delivery carriers have experienced, and may still be experiencing, issues with adapting to the escalating shipping demands which also includes retail and commercial shipping requests. Unfortunately for us, our shippers were no longer able to guarantee next-day delivery. This forced us to look for alternative shipping options and we found them.

We were very happy to partner with some local family owned delivery companies and start-ups who are able to provide us same-day delivery and within 24-hour delivery from pickup through most parts of Ontario and Quebec. For deliveries outside of the quick-delivery areas that can take up to and over 2 days to arrive, we will still use some Styrofoam containers so that your Papa Earth products arrive unspoiled and ready for your recipes.

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